Why Traxx Trailers

Traxx Trailers began as a small female-owned business. It consisted of a single 8,000 square foot manufacturing facility on a few acres on Interstate 20 located 30 miles east of Dallas. Today, Traxx Trailers manufactures a variety trailer models including goosenecks, car haulers, single axles, dumps, utilities, landscapes, pintle hooks and more.

Since inception, our dedicated staff has continued to grow. Traxx Trailers works directly with local workforce commission and high schools developing not only our company but also our communities.  Traxx Trailers has implemented state of the art manufacturing technologies and CNC equipment to manufacture the higest quality trailer possible for its customers.

Traxx Trailer started out with few resources but has grown into a thriving business that will continue to exceed customer’s expectations.  Traxx Trailers produces an outstanding product that has satisfied customers and dealers with exceptional product quality and dependability.  Although we have grown, one thing will always stay the same:  customers service is our top priority.

Feel free to browse our site and view our current trailer lineup. If you are interested in becoming a dealer, please complete the Contact form or email sales@traxxtrailers.net. If you have any questions about our products, services, policies, or would like any further information please contact us at 903-865-8500.